towards a more just and inclusive economy

note: We recently switched our website to a hosting provider that supports websites (for free) with a social justice mission. Our site currently under construction – pardon while we update things.



AMAZING INDUSTRIES is a public policy project based in New York City. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research, create media, and communicate ideas that explore a more just and inclusive society. Our work is in solidarity with local, national and global movements towards equality.


Our research agenda is based on interdisciplinary, open-minded, and socially involved inquiry across the areas of labor, technology and the broader economy.

Our History

AMAZING INDUSTRIES began in 2016 as a part-artistic project, part-research engine focused on critiquing and interrogating the well document poor labor practices within Amazon. From there, we have expanded into exploring other areas in the economy, such as gig economy companies, to expose inequalities and unfair labor practices.

Given the scope of the systemic challenges of inequality within capitalism, we believe in egalitarian, transformative proposals based in rigorous, evidence-based research. We are open to working with collaborators and partners in solidarity who share a vision for a more just and inclusive world.