Our Work

We are an impact-driven think tank working towards imagining a more just and inclusive future. We believe late-stage surveillance capitalism is an oppressive, unequal, and unjust system for citizens, especially those from marginalized communities.

We are guided by the inquiry of how do we empower workers of all industries to abolish capitalism and transition to more just and inclusive society. We recognize the inconsistencies in the current system of capitalism cannot provide the level of equality, care and collectivity everyone deserves. Therefore, we seek ways to exit this system to build a more just and equal world.

Our work explores urgent and vital questions within and beyond surveillance capitalism, such as what policy changes are needed when companies deploy new surveillance technologies that reshape civic life and work? How do these technologies impact oppressed, marginalized or underrepresented communities where technological bias/exploitation is already disproportionate? And, how do we exit such a pernicious system? 

The problems

  • Exposing the dubious, surveillance-laden mechanisms hidden within the digital economy.
  • Amplifying the voices of working families and our most vulnerable citizens impacted by this system.
  • Demystifying the predictive signals, business models, and ideology of Big Tech.

Our roadmap to exiting surveillance capitalism is rooted in dismantling, collectivizing, and re-imagining surveillance capitalist systems towards new equitable and just frameworks for all.

We are focused generating ideas and actionable projects across three areas.

  • Development and support of public policy proposals. Aim: to decrease the power of money/corporate interests at the intersection of technology and civic life. To democratize access to tech resources for all people, regardless of race, class, or gender, towards a more equitable and just future. Example issues: new Google/Apple partnership using contact tracing surveillance, the digital divide of tech access, increased support for platform coops. 
  • Elevating ethical technology that serves the public. Aim: to distribute thought leadership and resources in partnership with critical tech actions. Examples: internet for all, worker owned cooperatives.
  • Empowering the public with online, responsive educational resources. Examples: mapping surveillance capitalism, career mapping resources.

Accessibility – Our work is designed for public access in the form of visual essays, documentary videos, and presentations. These resources will be available in multiple languages and accessible to the visually impaired.

Next up we are working on a visual road map of the surveillance capitalism economy. We are also planning a round table with worker owned businesses sharing their work and alternatives to surveillance capitalism.