towards a more just and inclusive economy

Who we are

AMAZING INDUSTRIES is a radically imaginative think tank towards a more just and equal economy. We are based in New York City.

What we do

We publish critical research, visual essays, and documentary videos focused on workers, labor processes, and the systemic inequalities under the capitalist mode of production. Our work is grounded in social democratic ideas for a more just and equal economy and society. Our work falls into three categories –

  • Exposing the new forms of the capitalist mode of production hidden within the digital economy.
  • Amplifying the voices of frontline workers impacted by this system.
  • Demystifying the business models and ideologies of business leaders and policy-makers who shape the conditions we live in.

How we work

We seek to expose and demystify the development of labor and labor processes under capitalism and elevate the voices of workers and workers’ demands. Our work is integrated within local, national, and global movements for equality. We engage in both timely responses and long-term research projects involving multiple collaborators. We strive for our work to be widely accessible to public audiences.

What drives our work

We believe capitalism is an oppressive system that cannot create economic prosperity or full employment for all. We see how the inequality it creates disproportionately impacts the working lives of Black, Hispanic and women workers. We understand millions of workers are left with little choice in their employment arrangements, facing indignity and degradation of their work. We seek ways to critique and interrogate this system towards reclamation and revolution for worker’s rights and dignity.

Research agenda

We are guided by the inquiry of how do we begin to revolutionize capitalism from the ground up as the dominating system of our working lives.

Given the scope of the systemic challenges of inequality within capitalism, we believe in abolitionist, transformative proposals based on rigorous, observation-based research.

Our research agenda is based on interdisciplinary, observation-based, and socially involved inquiry across the areas of labor, technology, and the broader economy. Essentially, we are focused on the reshaping of labor and labor processes under advanced capitalism.

Our work is guided by the following inquiries –

  • How are new technologies like artificial intelligence reshaping labor and labor processes?
  • What are the often unseen and obscured material conditions of work, and the socioeconomic shifts impacting worker’s rights, livelihood, and dignity?
  • How do we empower and amplify the voices of workers in the struggle within and against capitalism?
  • What is needed to transition to more cooperative and egalitarian modes?

Our History

AMAZING INDUSTRIES was founded in 2016 by Brett Wallace as a part-artistic project, a part-research engine focused on critiquing and interrogating the increasingly poor labor record of Amazon. From there, we have expanded our focus into the study of how labor is reshaped by the capitalist mode of production in the 21st century.


Our work is in solidarity with local, national, and global movements towards equality. We are open to working with collaborators and partners in solidarity who share a vision for a more just and inclusive world and future for workers. You can reach us at